Continuous Uber Background Checks Ensure Higher Levels of Saftey

 - Jul 17, 2018
References: moneycontrol & cnet
Uber has recently partnered with two companies, Appriss and Checkr, in an attempt to establish continuous Uber background checks. The program has already lead to the firing of 25 drivers and has made it easier for exonerated individuals to easily apply to be Uber drivers. This new process of Uber background checks are being done to increase rider safety and ensure that the company maintains its reputation as a venerable ridesharing platform.

Both companies partnered with Uber provide two sides of the background checks function. Apriss keeps track of safety records and will forward any information to Uber, which then decides the driver's future with the company. Checkr, on the other hand, handles background checks of all drivers employed by Uber and searches for sex offenders, the degree of conviction, wanted status, state records, and more.

Image Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images