Baby Toy Phone Features Bright Colors, Animations and Nursery Rhymes

 - Jul 1, 2015
References: windowscentral
Baby Toy Phone is a game, designed for the Windows Phone, that is capable of turning your trusty smartphone into an interactive toy phone for your toddler.

This interactive game comes with solid graphics, bright, eye-catching colors and a massive collection of nursery rhymes for your child to enjoy. When children make a call, a nursery rhyme plays before the screen transitions over to a spotlighted animal that bounces around the screen in time with the rhyme.Children have the option of changing the animal out once they get bored with it, and can also end nursery rhymes before they draw to a close.

With its melange of bright colors, fun rhymes and a vibrant interface, Baby Toy Phone is designed to help toddlers have a blast while being stimulated and educated at the same time.