The ‘Babes at the Museum' Tumblr Captures Knowledgeable Girls

To all of you online lotharios out there, log off of eHarmony and head down to MoMA because according to the ‘Babes At The Museum’ Tumblr that’s where the curators of cute are hanging out.

The site, created by Xavier Aaronson, features snaps of stylish women taking in gorgeous galleries while simultaneously looking like works of art themselves. Each picture is accompanied by a couple of basic details concerning the good-looking museum-lover and often includes a quip about the subjects obvious awesomeness. The whole BATM Tumblr itself should be live-streamed into the Louvre due to it’s content of attractive on-looking art-aficianados.

Check out the ‘Babes At The Museum’ Tumblr and you’ll easily develop an appreciation for the real-life kind of ladies Da Vinci only dreamed about!