The AvA 02 Serafim is a Personal Plane With a Mean Streak

 - Jun 11, 2011
References: & yankodesign
The AvA 02 Serafim personal jet has officially reignited my desire to learn how to fly (and to possibly enlist in the air force). A futuristic jet plane, it is sleek, sophisticated and super mean, making it look like a fighter jet. Keeping that in mind, it is just what air force pilots need in order to intimidate the enemy.

Designed by Timon Sager of Deak Design, the AvA 02 Serafim personal jet boasts two tandem seats, flight controls including a liquid crystal display embedded into the glass, throttle and joystick combination, rear seat display and bucket seats in the cockpit.

The AvA 02 Serafim personal jet is also equipped with two different jet-engines, one for VTOL and the other Supersonic Combustion Ramjet.