KITT Would Have Trouble Keeping Up With These

 - Feb 7, 2009
References: nytimes
Actually KITT, from the popular 80s television series ‘Knight Rider’ did pretty well, even for his time.

Still, technology for cars is moving pretty fast these days. Mercedes, for instance, has introduced Attention Assist, which warns drivers when they are getting a little too tired. The system monitors several factors that indicate a driver may be getting too drowsy to drive.

Other technology, introduced by Honda, includes a driver incentive program that rewards drivers for good driving habits. The Eco-Guide monitor driving behavior over time and gradually displays a green plant when proper driving standards are met.

The Chrysler 200c recognizes its driver via a smart communicator and a glowing ON button starts the welcoming process.

New technology for our vehicles, in the form of navigational systems, has been improving every year, and now there are technological perks on the horizon that would make the Jetsons blush.