The 'Car2Go' Automobile Concept Stands Up When Parked to Save Space

 - Apr 28, 2017
References: yankodesign
Cities have developed a number of ways to store vehicles when they aren't in use, but the 'Car2Go' automobile concept takes a more upstream approach with a design that is intended to save space from the get go.

The 'Car2Go' is a three-wheeled vehicle that offers a speedy driving solution for a single person who is located within an urban area who just needs a personal form of transportation to go short distances. When parked, the 'Car2Go' is able to be lifted upward to have it stand on the two main tires and a back bumper guard to instantly save precious space in a parking garage to fit more vehicles in the same amount of space.

The 'Car2Go' automobile concept is the design work of Chiaying Lu.