The Bunchof5s Blog Catalogs Cleverly Altered Australian Money

 - Mar 14, 2013
References: bunchof5s.wordpress & laughingsquid
Like several other countries in the world, Australian currency proudly displays a portrait of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II on their bills. Using the ubiquitous portrait of the Queen, the bunchof5s blog takes fan submissions of clever defacements of the Queen's visage.

The images are in general good fun, although some people might read a little too much into the Queen wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. Other funny submissions of defaced Australian money include the Queen as a LEGO figurine, Super Mario, Spock from Star Trek or even interacting with popular Internet memes. I'm not certain about the legalities of drawing all over Australian money, or any other bills for that matter, but since it seems like most of these are done digitally through Photoshop it's likely a moot point.