Blogger Austin Radcliffe Visually Depicts Neatly Stacked Foods

Curator Austin Radcliffe's blog Things Organized Neatly is filled with image submissions of various objects organized into neat and structured arrangements. Radcliffe manages these images and uploads them on his Tumblr blog for others to enjoy.

Some of the most interesting submissions on Things Organized Neatly include the food-related images that organize stacked, jumbled or disarrayed food items. Things like boxes of Froot Loop cereal and hamburger toppings are pulled apart and arranged in systematic colors, forms and size.

Some might say that Radcliffe's blog visually explores what it's like to have an obsessive compulsive disorder with everyday items. While this may be the case, I think the blog also looks into breaking down larger scale items into tiny compartmentalize parts that are generally interesting to look at.