Aurolab is Eliminating Needless Blindness via Affordable Cataract Surgery

 - Mar 2, 2012
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Aurolab is an eye care social enterprise in southern India that supplies the majority of the world's Intraocular Lenses, or 1.5 million lenses a year. Intraocular Lenses are used in cataract surgery -- the most common eye surgery -- to help restore vision for those whose natural crystalline lenses have clouded over.

Aurolab is part of the Aravind eye care system, which offers high quality products at an affordable price, making clear vision more accessible.

"Aurolab’s products are exported to 130 and more countries worldwide, with focus markets like India, Africa, Latin America, Central America and Southeast Asia," the website explains. "Aurolab envisages entering European and other developed markets on the strength of its product quality and as a strategic means to cross subsidized products in needy markets."

The Aravind Eye care system was founded by Dr. G. Venkataswamy who saw an opportunity to bring Intraocular Lenses to the majority world in the early 90s, a time when the concept was criticized for being too expensive to offer in those regions. He established AuroLab as a non-profit arm of Aravind to help deliver Intraocular Lenses at more affordable rates. In 1997, they expanded to include ophthalmic pharmaceuticals like eye drops. Since then they have added products like surgical blades and Green laser for diabetics.

Over the years, Aurolab has held strong to its mission to eliminate "needless blindness by making high quality ophthalmic products affordable and accessible to vision impaired world wide." They value innovation, identifying emerging opportunities and they empower their employees to strive for constant growth and development.

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