Aufhanger Uses Magnets to Attach to Wardrobe Rods

 - Sep 24, 2009
References: balubdzic.blogspot & yankodesign
With the Aufhanger, you can say good-bye to clothing snags caused from hangers with hooks (which are, um, virtually all hangers except for this one).

The Aufhanger is a concept design by Milica Balubdzic. It functions the way a normal hanger would, but minus the hooked part. Instead, magnets are used within its body—mainly on the top rim of the hanger—to secure it to the metal rod inside the wardrobe. The body can be cast of aluminum (shown here) as well as wood or plastic. The designer has also created two different styles of the Aufhanger: one is sloped (like the normal hanger) for tops and the other is straight and horizontal which is great for hanging skirts and pants.