The Audi Motorrad Concept Re-Imagines Traditional Designs

The Audi Motorrad concept design looks sharp and futuristic. The first descriptor can almost be taken literally as the seat juts out like a blade or shard of glass. The futuristic elements are present in the overall sleek design, low positioning and atypical form. This is only natural considering that the Audi Motorrad concept imagines how the manufacturer may change the form of a motorcycle.

Designed by Thibault and Marc Devauze, a transportation design student based in Valenciennes, France, the Audi Motorrad concept may remain a concept, but it certainly pushes the boundaries in terms of looks and function. It is these types of visions that will inspire real changes across various industries. It would be interesting to see what real mechanics will be able to do with the Audi Motorrad design.