The Atlantis Snake Reading Light Slithers to Spotlight Your Page

 - Dec 11, 2011
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Whether you're in need of a direct beam or a diffuse glow in your bedroom at night, the Atlantis Snake Reading Light provides a way to improve the ambiance. It has the ability to deliver two different types of illumination and the flexibility to face whichever direction you'd like it to.

The small spiraling Aldabra fixture is ideally installed in a room shared by two people. When one decides to doze off, the other can cuddle up with her book and be no bother to her partner. A low-consumption 1 Watt LED light can cast a concentrated ray and the pliable neck can be twisted towards the page of a book.

Alternatively, mood lighting can be obtained by switching the Atlantis Snake Reading Light into diffuse mode, emitting a warm radiance through a red, blue or white silicone head.