The ATIKS Mark VIII Gloves are Fireproof and Cut-Resistant

 - Dec 13, 2016
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In construction, workers' hands have the most potential to sustain injury, and the ATIKS Mark VIII gloves help to keep wearers' mitts safe from all the hazards of a work site. No matter the danger that the gloves might face -- from blunt force contact, to being cut by various blades, to extreme heat or fire -- the ATIKS Mark VIII gloves manage to protect workers.

As opposed to safety gloves with rigid backing on the tops of the fingers and the hand, the ATIKS Mark VIII gloves are fully flexible, giving workers impressive dexterity considering the level of durability and protection. In recent video released by ReSafe, the Chilean company behind the ATIKS Mark VIIIs, the gloves were show to withstand a direct hit from a hammer on each finger, a slice from a saw, and sparks from a circular saw.