Dodgy Dude Ditches Sensational Shammy for Smack and Hack

 - Jan 20, 2009
References: infomercial-hell
Oddly entertaining infomercial star Vince Offer has thrown in the Sham Wow and is now promoting the Slap Chop. He immediately brings magic to the message by letting me know, "You’re going to be in a great mood all day, ‘cause you’re going to slap your troubles away."

What? Slapping happiness without the French maid costume? Surely not!

Later he says,"You’re going to love my nuts," and I become suspicious. But when he tells me that I can change my life by changing the way I eat tuna-- well then I know that he’s for real and I’m going to have to get a Slap Chop of my own.

Google Vince and you’ll find he has quite a following. It’s OK with me if he’s around awhile. I am easily amused and he reminds me that most of us take ourselves far too seriously.