Autumn Leaves is a Nature-Inspired Installation Made Possible by Computing

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: linkedin & suckerpunchdaily
It's fascinating that an organically influenced design such as this can only be brought to life with the assistance of cutting-edge technology. As Autumn Leaves is a beautiful display for the open-air and indoors that poetically interprets the changing of the seasons.

Taking the imagery of falling foliage and the transition into the snowflake-filled sky of Winter, this installation is intricate and complex and modeled completely with the use of computers. Undertaken by the students of the LCD: Laboratory for Computational Design in China, the project required the meticulous making of modules and the painstaking cataloging of each piece to guarantee organization during assembly. Each component of As Autumn Leaves is of laser-cut acrylic, carefully bent and connected to the others into exquisite and elaborate archways.