These Arudo Yat Necklaces for New Life Help Women Start Businesses

 - Jan 26, 2013
References: yatarudo.blogspot
Staying true to the belief that all humans are created equal and should have a fair chance at life, Arudo Yat, translated from the language of Luo, means "seedlings that grow from the stumps of trees." Integrating this definition into their social enterprise, Arudo Yat seeks to assist victims who have suffered at the hands of the long-reigned Ugandan group, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

As part of Arudo Yat’s initiative, handmade beads, or Necklaces for New Life, are sold so that money can be raised to assist and support the victims. Profits from sales are used to create sponsorship programs that provide education, emergency insurance, a pension program and a Women’s Vocation Centre, which serves to help disadvantaged women start a business of their own.

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