The Rue Simon Le Franc Editorial Boasts Artistic Menswear Staples

 - Apr 14, 2015
Augustin Lampreia stars in 'Rue Simon Le Franc', an editorial exclusive that celebrates artistic menswear staples. The photo series is lensed for the pages of F****** Young! Online and features photography by Yuji Watanabe.

Styling for this artistic menswear story is courtesy of Shohei Kashima who dresses model Augustin in pieces that are both conceptual and quirky. His eccentric wardrobe consists of sculptural shirts and artfully printed sweaters that are juxtaposed with eye-catching cosmetic applications.

Hair styling for 'Rue Simon Le Franc' is the work of Yuji Okuda who works with the shoot's resident makeup artist Satoko Watanabe. Exuding an androgynous air, this image series illustrates the fashion industry's new-found focus on artistic styles that celebrate fantasy.