Imperfection is Perfection with Artistic Glassware by Jochen Holz

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: & mocoloco
Straying away from the perfectly symmetrical and aligned vase and vessel designs, artist Jochen Holz will not allow his artistic glassware to be boring.

Instead of smoothly consistent surfaces, his glass pieces have undulating bodies with curves that flow with no set pattern. Handles extend in all directions with chunky, uneven structures and vases stand at slightly off-kilter angles, leaning towards one side. The unsystematic curving gives the pieces a sculptural style that would be beautiful on display in the home as flower vases or glass decorations.

Bubbling, wavy and saturated with color, the artistic glassware collection by Jochen Holz is far from the ordinary, satisfying those with a craving for things with unusual and slightly flawed designs.