Artist Super Ugly's Series Depicts Presidents Battling Monsters

 - Jun 9, 2013
References: thesuperugly.tumblr & aughingsquid
California-based artist Super Ugly has hit the comedic and artistic gold mine with his new series 'The Great American Mech Battle of 2042.' This series depicts several historical presidents as robots battling gigantic scaly monsters.

Possibly the funniest image by Super Ugly is that depicting Abraham Lincoln battling a fleshy sea monster. Lincoln's robotic features, which include digitized yellow eyes, stand out against his dapper tuxedo and top hat. His ensemble makes him one of the most gentlemanly robots ever to exist. The monster that Lincoln is battling is a slimy green creature that looks like The Creature from the Black Lagoon. His claw-shaped hands grope at Lincoln, but the president's equally strong robot hands fight right back.

Super Ugly meant for this series to take place in a future time during which climate change is at its worst. These robotic presidents were created to inspired hope in the dying citizens of earth. By depicting this extreme scenario using comic book-esque illustrations and a bold color palette Super Ugly has created an incredible series that offers both eye-catching graphics and a strong political message.