This Artist Studio Design is Functional and Comfortable

 - Apr 23, 2014
References: raananstern & freshome
It's not easy to have both functionality and a soothing artist studio design, let alone when it's only 15 square meters. However, Israeli architect Ranaan Stern was able to design such a perfect workspace in Tel Aviv, with some of the most effective storage solutions i've seen so far.

The architect was able to pack two desks, 36 drawers, modular storage compartments, a folding bed and pegboard display walls into such a small space and create an airy-feeling artist studio design at the same time.

"The artist creates and collects different kinds of art pieces, most are 2D but also some small sculptures, books and old materials. We needed different kinds of storage units, different sizes and different ways of keeping the new and old pieces," says Stern.