Artist Herb Williams Infuses a Rainbow of Color into his Pieces

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: facebook & mymodernmet
Artist Herb Williams, renowned for his beautiful and colorful sculptures, adds other intricate and whimsical sculptures to his long line of work. In true Williams fashion, the sculptures were made out of a myriad of different crayola colors to create a rainbow-like effect.

This time, he was inspired by nature, which he understands as communicating with human kind through a spectrum of color that people cannot see. The first sculpture, entitled the ‘Ripple Effect,’ shows a multi-colored deer taking on the same rippling pattern as the pond it is drinking from.

The sculpture took over four months to create and over 40,000 crayons to make. The act of the deer enjoying the water was intended to have a deeper significance than simply the act itself. As artist Herb Williams articulates,"These actions are a communication between animal and nature that ripple outward both internally and externally."