Packed with Purpose Offers Consumers Ethical Artisan Gift Boxes

Packed with Purpose is a company that does not only provide consumers with delightful specially curated artisan gift boxes but one that also offers immense support for communities in the United States.

The contents of each package include a selection of products by 55+ not-for-profit organizations that are dedicated to empowering and supporting minority groups. From employing people with disabilities and individuals who have suffered some form of trauma to breaking the barriers of the traditional workforce, Packed with Purpose's artisan gift boxes are truly meaningful. For example, one of its most popular offerings — the 'A Sweet Thanks, Deluxe,' includes Greyston Bakery products (the company employs individuals with histories of incarceration, drug use, and homelessness), Katherine Anne caramels that utilize compostable packaging and source ingredients from local farmers, among other ethically driven items.