ARENA is a New Structure at the Heart of a Future Art Village

 - Sep 6, 2017
References: archdaily
'Making of Architecture,' an Antwerp architecture office, recently design what will come to be the crowning feature of a future art village in Tunisia. 'ARENA,' as the structure is called, offers a space where local artists will be able to meet, show off their work, and engage with the community as a whole.

ARENA is embedded into the side of a hill, and that topography is essential in its shape. The exterior of the amphitheater is covered in a flowing wooden latticework that was directly inspired by the mathematical concept of the Mobius strip. Not only is that curving shape aesthetically interesting, but it also provides the ideal angle for visitors to sit at the bleachers and watch performances.

The future art village that ARENA has begun will include other buildings, as well as space within ARENA itself for things like meetings, workshops, and market stands.