Charlie Layton Draws Phenomenal Art on the Fridge

 - May 11, 2014
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Putting art on the fridge usually involves magnets, but not if you're Charlie Layton, a graphic design artist based in Philadelphia. Layton noticed that the white surface of the fridge was near identical to a dry erase board and began drawing art on the fridge and freezer doors. Considering that his place is a rental, this is a brilliant way to ensure that there's always some fresh and inspiring art at home.

As a canvas, the fridge-like gallery space is host to fun drawings that mimic X-ray machines and make it look like there are menacing creatures are crawling in or out of it.

After putting a couple of the wild drawings up on Facebook, they were a hit and now, he routinely shares them as part of a weekly ritual named 'Freezer Fridays.'