Italian Artist Lorenzo Sala Scans Full Bodies with a Flatbed PC Scanner

 - May 21, 2015
Lorenzo Sala, an italian artist who creates images using human bodies, set aside the camera to create something unique using an old PC peripheral -- a flatbed scanner.

The idea was to recreate a high definition image of a body with a patchwork of scanned body parts. Once put together, all the images were printed in real size on a transparent plastic and hung on a white wall or in mid air.

The images became naturally deformed by the scanner's sensors that are configured to acquire the exact shapes only of the items that are layered on the glass surface; all that is far from the glass becomes long and slim.

The images will be first exhibited in Milan during the Expo at Carta e Matita, Via Pietro Orseolo 3, and half of the sales will go to Art Gallery an NGO dedicated to promote young artists.