'Arrow Machinations' Features Arrows Fired at a Single Point

 - May 20, 2013
References: smigla-bobinski & mymodernmet
A sculpture of arrows being shot at a single point called 'Pfeilschaften' or 'Arrow Machinations' was unveiled in Trier, Germany. Using over 200 arrows, artists Karina Smigla-Bobinski and Bodo Korsig created an amazing visual effect.

The sculpture has sleek black arrows protruding from a central point as if a rift in the air had drawn them all in. Around the centerpiece are arrows frozen in mid flight. The arrows were positioned to be pointing towards the center as if they were just shot. In addition, the wall in the next room has the back ends of arrows sticking out. The result is an effect that looks like hundreds of arrows had been fired and precisely targeted at a single point.

This sculpture is amazing because of its magnetic qualities that immediately draw your eyes to the central point. With arrows simulating motion, this sculptures's force is palpable.