The Archival Disc by Panasonic and Sony Will Replace Blu-Ray

 - Mar 14, 2014
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Just when you thought movie watching couldn't possibly get any clearer, the Archival Disc is announced. From VHS to DVD to Blu-Ray, Sony and Panasonic have been on the cutting edge of innovation in the film industry for decades. Now, they have announced the next generation of disc formatting.

The Archival Discs will have a capacity range of 300GB to 1TB. In comparison, Blu-Ray discs only carry up to 25GB in its one-layer disc and 50GB in its dual-layer disc. All of this space could mean your favorite TV show seasons fitting on one disc.

These optical discs are going to be designed for long-term storage; they'll have properties that withstand dust, water and temperature changes. They'll also adapt to older generation formats, even with further evolution. The companies plan on releasing the discs in the summer of 2015.