Lets Users Discover Their Most Basic Traits

 - Dec 1, 2012
References: archetypeme
Are you a fashionista like Audrey Hepburn? Or a rebel like David Bowie? is a brand-new, innovative social networking website that was founded by Cristina Carlino (creator of the beauty brand philosophy) and inspired by human consciousness pioneer Caroline Myss.

After taking a quiz, individuals discover their personal archetypes from a list of the ten most prevalent archetypal patterns in today’s world: the Creative, the Athlete, the Rebel, the Caretaker, the Visionary, the Queen/Executive, the Spiritual, the Fashionista, the Advocate and the Intellectual.

Explore the life journey, unique challenge, universal lessons and defining grace of your archetypes while you find out which famous people share the same patterns with you.

You can have fun going archetype spotting on the Internet and post what your universe looks like on your own ArchetypeMe page. Then connect with friends, meet new people and see what you have in common with others.