The Aquvii Measuring Jewelry Collection has Protractor Necklaces

 - Dec 31, 2011
Math was my most hated subject in school, but the Aquvii Measuring Jewelry collection might just make calculating numbers a bit more enjoyable.

I never would have thought that tools used in complicated mathematics could look so chic. From potractor necklaces to ruler earrings, the Aquvii Measuring Jewelry collection offers a playful new way to look at these usually less than appealing objects. My favorite piece has to be the Potractor Necklace; it captures a whimsical feeling that I normally wouldn't relate to anything associated with math.

Check out the Aquvii Measuring Jewelry collection to see a more fashionable side of a subject full of complicated calculations.

Implications - Shoppers look for unconventional designs to wear as fashion items. Designers could focus on less traditional approach to creating new products in order to increase sales.