The SBT Aqua Sensor Instantly Detects Bacteria In Water

 - Oct 13, 2015
References: & gizmag
A group of gifted students at the Technical University of Denmark have created a high-tech sensor, that they have named the SBT Aqua sensor, that is capable of detecting bacteria present in water instantly.

The sensor works by running a water sample through a special channel fitted with numerous electrodes. As bacteria flows across the electrodes, they cause a change in impedance, which is detected by the sensor

The SBT Aqua sensor represents a huge improvement and a big leap forward in terms of bacteria-detection water technology because currently, if you want to check water for the presence of bacteria, you have to take a water sample and then test it over a lab over several days. The SBT Aqua Sensor however gives you instant results, so you can know immediately of the water source in question is safe to use.