GEODOG is Perfect for Worried Dog Lovers

 - Oct 4, 2011
References: & inventorspot
Although you may not be a pet owner, you have likely seen postings for lost animals in your local coffee shop, on a random lamp post or tree in your neighborhood. It’s a sad problem for pet lovers that had no real solution outside of a little luck and helpful neighbours, until the release of GEODOG.

German engineers have created an awesome (albeit, expensive) way to integrate a GPS locating system right into your dog's collar. Using geotracking to create invisible fences and zones, the app is able to keep track of your pup and make sure the cuddly critter is within the zone that you’ve created. Essentially, GEODOG has been able to modify a dog collar to have the functionality of a cellular phone; as soon as your dog leaves the zone, you will receive a text message telling you his/her whereabouts.

For some, the prices of the hardware and software may be a little steep, but for many of the collective pet owners out there, GEODOG is invaluable.