'SNUKR' is a Unique New App for Discovery and Sharing Locations

 - Nov 12, 2016
References: itunes.apple & snukr
'SNUKR' is the name of a new app for discovery that comes from the word "chneuquer," meaning to rummage or snoop. The app describes itself as a "participatory tool for editing dynamic content about one's interests," and has users generate their own itineraries or explore those created by others, based on one's mood.

Just as many social networks use photos or text to have people express themselves, SNUKR uses locations in order to bring people together. On the platform, users are able to search by tags, helping to create rich landscapes of points of interests.

SNUKR is one of the emerging apps that was showcased at this year's Web Summit, a technology conference where many hopeful start-ups have caught big breaks and become integral in different circles in the world.