The App Cube Ushers the Rubik's Cube into the Modern Era

 - Nov 28, 2011
References: gadgetlite & incrediblethings
If your addiction to the iPhone runs deep and you're mathematical mind is accustomed to working overtime, the mind-scrambling App Cube is sure to pique your interest. Functioning in the same manner as the legendary Rubik's Cube, the App Cube replaces the iconic colors of the classic brain teaser with smartphone apps. While no major alterations have been made to the game or the game's primary objective, the App Cube ushers the dated pass-time out of the '80s and into the 21st century.

The App Cube is sure to keep restless fingers busy and nerdy brains working overtime. Its fresh new look will likely reinvigorate interest in the mathematical game in former masters and bring new challengers to the table. Avoiding the pit fall of trying to fix what is not broken, the App Cube wisely does not alter the gameplay.

Lovers of technology and retro gamers will flock to get their hands on the App Cube.