The Apeiro Coatrack Comprises a Collection Loopy Mounted Lemniscates

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: ababalis & designspotter
Your front foyer could be infinitely tidier if you install something like these Apeiro pegs. They might be just small wall-mountable doodads, but the way that they've been designed makes them remarkably versatile.

Athanasios Babalis of Greece decided to create the 3D form of the lemniscate symbol from stainless steel or powder-coated steel. Shibui of Switzerland manufactures the clothes pegs. They metal is manipulated and curled around such that it appears to make a continuous pair of loops. When they've been anchored to the wall with an invisible fastener, they curve away from its surface to form effective hooks.

Jackets, scarves, hats and bags can be slung over the Apeiro clothes hooks. Because of the closed hoops created, you can even suspend sunglasses and various accessories for convenient storage.