These Creations by Anya Mielniczek Display Strong Emotion

Toronto-based artist Anya Mielniczek brings these emotional creations to life by drawing captivating faces on wooden planks using a colorful variety of ink markers.

The artist created seven beautifully complex faces using permanent markers and pieces of grainy wood as her canvas. This series of familiar faces is a collection of women who the artist finds particularly captivating and feels the need to recreate in large scale pieces of work, which she entitled "THEM"

When describing the nature of her wooden canvas art Anya says, "My work tends to become a very felt, intuitive process, usually spontaneous and unplanned."

By using her unique method, Anya Mielniczek is able to achieve a certain hollowness which makes the faces heavy with emotion.  Her specialized technique of using brightly colored markers helps to achieve meaningful lines and liquid-like eyes. The contours of each feature gently lay over the differentiating grains of the wooden panels, adding more individualism to each creation. The combination of detailed faces on such a raw canvas juxtaposed with the childlike nature of colorful markers makes for a truly interesting medium.