The Anthropomorphized Animal Imagery Show the Effects of Human Goods

 - Oct 1, 2013
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By using CGI, or computer generated images, Bangkok, Thailand-based studio Illusion incorporate both amusing and shocking anthropomorphized animal imagery in conveying the impact of human activity.

To advertise the power of the electric leaf blower by ASGATEC, for example, several animals -- a squirrel, lizard and a frog -- can all be seen with their faces and their mouths blown away by the strength of the blower. This gives the impression that the animals, each likely to be found near piles of leaves, are prone to the effects of the incredible strength of the leaf blower.

Another ad shows a pig and a cow hurling its innards, or more specifically its bones, to advertise the efficacy of the kitchen tools offered by WMF. In another, a pig and a sheep can be seen resisting separation from a plate and dust scooper respectively, with a tag line at the bottom right hand corner stating, "Separate Them" to advertise the strength of Sunlight's detergents.