Animals by Varya Kolesnikova Depicts Cute Cartoonish Creatures

 - Mar 11, 2014
The art series simply titled Animals by Varya Kolesnikova, an illustrator based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, is absolutely adorable. Whether depicting a cute canine chasing after a bright neon tennis ball or two polar bears smiling underwater, the images are cheerful and creative.

A personal project, Animals by Varya Kolesnikova displays a style slightly different from the artist's previous series of work titled 'Poems for Children.' Although just as whimsical, Poems for Children had a more fantastical appeal as well as a softer aesthetic. In this series, the animals are sharper with longer torsos than one might be used to seeing.

Playful and cartoonish, Animals by Varya Kolesnikova is a series that can be appreciated by just about anyone.