Ulric Collette's Eerie Therianthropes Series Stars Humanoid Creatures

 - Jul 13, 2013
References: ulriccollette
Ulric Collette's animal human hybrids from his 'Therianthropes' photo series are flawless products of photo editing and skillful photography. Each photo featured in the series depicts a human posing, sometimes casually, sometimes energetically. However, instead of a regular human head, these humanoid creatures have animal heads, from grizzly bears to eagles to dogs.

By using his incredible photo editing skills, Collette managed to make the addition of the animals' heads look absolutely perfect. Indeed, these photos look almost natural, as if these were truly fantastical human-like creatures, born with the head of a wild animal.

Perhaps the most stunning of Collette's Therianthropes is that of the hawk head. This head was placed on the body of a nude woman. She poses elegantly, channeling the pride and disinterest that is so prevalent in a hawk's personality. Her attitude, combined with Collette's photography skills and editing, make for an incredibly realistic and surreal photo.