Animal Conservation Research Shows Where Our Help is Needed Most

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: & fastcoexist
By mapping the world's animals, animal conservation activists can be more strategic with their focus. These fine-grain pictures put together by Clinton Jenkins, a research scholar at North Carolina State University, depict levels of species variety around the globe. The photographs show the biodiversity of different mammals, amphibians and birds.

Jenkins hopes this knowledge will improve decision making on the ground, especially on a regional level. He says, "As conservation scientists, we really need to be aiming our science at the scales most useful for conservation actions."

His recent research looks at how well current conservation efforts correlate to these graphs. Clinton feels more should be done in the Andes to avoid animal extinction as there are smaller distributions of species there. He feels the Andes has more species at greater risk to extinction than the Amazon, where most conservationists are working.