Andres Amador ‘Warped Fields' Sand Doodles Span up to 500ft

 - Jul 30, 2009   Updated: Aug 16 2011
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Andres Amador can be very thankful for camerasâ€"without them, his incredible, giant 'Warped Fields' sand prints and patterns wouldn't last longer than the next tide that rolls in.

To create these enormous masterpieces on the sandy shores of California, the 39-year-old carefully calculates how and where he will create his artwork on a computer. Created with a rake, a big idea, perfect tides and a lot of patience, Andres Amador's Warped Fields can measure up to 500ft by 300ft.

Implications - The intricate beach designs are crafted on a canvas created by nature's elements. Amador's works are perfectly times to ensure the lowest possible tides optimize the amount of space he has to work with. The temporary nature of these works makes them that much more appealing, as in just a few hours, the designs will vanish and leave the beach surface looking untarnished.