Andrea Pantleo's 'Naturally Implied' is a Shocking Photo Shoot

 - Jul 3, 2009   Updated: Mar 31 2011
Andrea Pantleo's 'Naturally Implied' is what you get when you project freaky images atop nude models. Images that would otherwise be sensual suddenly take a sinister turn.

From great white sharks to snakes and piles of sharp antlers, Andrea Pantleo's 'Naturally Implied' features a series of frightening shots superimposed atop traditional portraits to create an overwhelmingly creepy photo shoot.

Implications - Art and photography continue to push boundaries, and one area in which they are doing so is the realm of death, gore and the disturbing. Freaky images are no longer something to shy away from; instead, many consumers are immediately drawn to the macabre and the menacing. Such sinister themes don't have to stay in the art world, however; brands who are willing to experiment along this vein may receive rewards for their risk-taking.