This Artist Created an Anamorphic Art Cube Showing Six Images

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: thisiscolossal & mymodernmet
Artist Thomas Medicus created this cubic piece of anamorphic art that reveals six unique images of animals. The cube is titled 'Emergence Lab' and uses exactly 216 glass strips that are all hand-painted to reveal a new image depending on which angle the viewer is positioned at.

When the viewer's perspective is altered, the image within the cube also changes. This unique piece of anamorphic art uses six images that all take up the same amount of surface area, which enables the cube to reveal one single image per angle.

The Emergence Lab provides viewers with an illusion of solidity using the combination of painted images and a crystal clear glass cube. The cube is an artistic optical illusion that allows the viewer to continuously change what they see.