Artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser's Work is Full of Depth and Texture

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: amygenser & mymodernmet
Amy Eisenfeld Genser, an artist living and working in West Hartford, Connecticut, creates strikingly textured artworks inspired by coral reefs. Through the use of rolled recycled paper and acrylic on canvas, she is able to mimic the depth and texture of these underwater wonders, to a certain extent, while also capturing the magical feeling of witnessing these natural works of art in person.

Greatly detailed, Amy Eisenfeld Genser's mixed media artworks will engage audiences in ways that two dimensional creations can't. She writes, "My work tries to capture the essence of an experience or an image I have seen. I often look to the natural world for inspiration." Succeeding at that, Amy Eisenfeld Genser brings a bit of nature indoors.