Diestro Photographs Morbid Cemeteries in Hong Kong

 - Dec 15, 2013
References: manuelalvarezdiestro & itsnicethat
Hong Kong is one of the densest cities in the world with a human population density of 17,024 per square mile and an area of 426 square miles, making land is extremely scarce and forcing even cemeteries into being stacked up and layered against the edges of cliffs like a classical amphitheater.

The classical amphitheater design that the cemeteries embody is the inspiration of photographer Manuel Alvarez Diestro. Calling his project Amphitheaters, Diestro focuses on these cemeteries and draws his attention to the overbearing eerie presence of the morbid amphitheater. He juxtaposes this with an extremely gloomy skyline of the metropolis. He travels around Hong Kong, photographing 10 of the city's cemeteries at dawn and dusk during the rainy season. The result is the ominous and overbearing presence of the cemetery in conjunction with the bustling city.