The Amoeba Modular Flash Drive is Designed for Privacy Protection

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: yankodesign
The Amoeba Modular Flash Drive is an ingenious concept that aims to make it easier to control the flow of information stored on a USB stick. Amoeba is designed with four partitions that can each be used to store different types of files and documents. The partitioning of the USB ensures that scandalous photos and school work don't accidentally make it onto the same flash drive.

The Amoeba Modular Flash Drive was designed by Hyunsoo Song from SADI. In addition to giving you a way to manage what goes on your flash drive, the Amoeba is also awesome because it is essentially four flash drives in one. Toting around four smaller flash drives that combine into one is infinitely easier than keeping track of four large thumb drives; just make sure you remember which drive holds what.