This Thin American Flatbread Champions Vermont Cheese

American Flatbread's Cheese & Herb thin and crispy pizza sets itself apart from other types of frozen pizzas that can be found in the supermarket. While there are many that stress convenience or exotic flavor combinations, this one simply celebrates wholesome American eats.

The ingredient list on the pizza product includes a crust made from 100% organic wheat, Good Mountain water, farm fresh herbs, as well as cheese that comes from the Jersey cows of Vermont's Blythedale Farms, which are not fed any growth hormones.

Words like "fresh," "wood-fired" and "all-natural" are prominent on the American Flatbread pizza packaging, suggesting this is a far more wholesome and sophisticated alternative to traditional frozen pizza products. As American Flatbread's founder George Schenk reminds: "Food is important. What we eat and how it’s grown intimately affects our health and the well-being of the world."