Do American Apparel Ads Cross The Line?

 - Jul 19, 2008
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American Apparel ups the sleaze factor big time with their latest amateur porn-ish ad.

I have no clue how this company is doing so well in sales with someone like Dov Charney steering it. Past and current lawsuits do not seem to deter the man from exploiting sexual perversions to market and sell his products.

The new ad is shot in the typical American Apparel amateur style with bad lighting and from a first-shooter angle. It shows a young woman sprawled between a man's hairy legs, looking up at the camera with her tongue out in a simulated oral sex shot.

Both the man and woman are wearing American Apparel gray undies, but that's besides the point with such an ad. It's the image of the brand that the ad sells. And strangely enough, it must be working.

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