This America's Cup Pavilion Takes its Form From Lofty Yacht Sails

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: cargocollective & suckerpunchdaily
As its name suggests, the America's Cup Pavilion is a building proposal meant specifically to serve the great San Francisco sailing race in 2012. Why shouldn't its form then reference the majestic shapes of towering masts? From offshore, the project looks to have been composed of a cluster of billowing mainsails, resulting in a sight that's so characteristic of the start of a major regatta.

A complex folded plate structure sculpts curves, creases and buckling textures along the extent of the jetty, creating an artificial landscape so unlike the look of a typical pier. The consequent repeated abstract enclosures formed offer an abundance of unusual shelters to service boat slips below and dry land above. The experimental geometries of the America's Cup Pavilion afford great flexibility for the activities that may be accommodated within the quay.