Amazon Lockers are Perfect for Those Who are Impatient

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: amazon & gizmodo
You'll jump with excitement at the news of the Amazon Locker on the condition you meet two requirements: You're a native New Yorker, Londoner or Seattle citizen, and a regular customer of the online retailer. Feel free to jump even if you don't fulfill the criteria!

Deliveries can often be a crap shoot -- either the product takes eons to arrive at your doorstep or, worse yet, you're away when the UPS truck arrives. Fortunately, Amazon has found a solution in the form of a new service that redirects your purchase to a secure and convenient deposit box in the area. For the time being, the Amazon Locker initiative is exclusive to Seattle, London and New York, with more than eight locations in Manhattan alone. Just ensure that your package is small and light enough to qualify for the program.