These Alvaro Catalan de Ocon Designs are Highly Conceptual

 - Apr 18, 2012
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Barcelona-based industrial designer Alvaro Catalan de Ocon's work is minimalist, clean and sharp, while avoiding the sterility and austerity that so often accompanies low-key design. He accomplishes this through an inventive use of a single shape: the rhombus. Only three of these polygons are needed to create a hexagon, explains de Ocon. The designer points out that the hexagon is an ideal shape for a surface. Looking at the work featured here, de Ocan's point works well.

Form and function are not always easy to incorporate into a single coherent concept. Of course, there are many pieces of furniture that have done this; however, most of this furniture is derivative of general templates established over time. To create original, inventive work that serves its practical purpose while maintaining a pleasing and interesting aesthetic requires the talent of a designer like de Ocan.